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Pictures of Homebuilt Diesel Motorcycles:

The Bikes that Brett built:       (Well .... a couple of them anyway.)

Oh Brett! ........ What beautiful bikes you build!
Brett (also known as RoverTheTop) is a custom dieselbike builder in Portland.
He's built and sold about 5 bikes to date.
Always a helpful and interesting guy, he can be emailed at:
This one started out as a Kawasaki 454.
Now, it runs a on a 20hp Punsun with diesel or hot resturant grease as a fuel.

Brett-Y-RS       Brett-Y-LS        Brett-Y-Tank  
The right tank is diesel and the left tank is for hot animal fat. Pretty cool .... Huh?
Brett-Y-Front                                 Brett-Y-RS-CloseUp

Here's another of Brett's conversion  in progress:

Brett-B-LS-1     Brett-B-RS-1

This time it's a Harley Sportster with another Punsun 20hp diesel engine.

Brett-B-RS-2     Brett-LS-2
Latest info says this bike is complete ..... and running well ..... with an average of 112 mpg.

Here's my idea of a perfect diesel motorcycle.


          This bike was built by Heiko Fleck in Germany. It appears to be a Harley softtail with a Punsun or Winsun diesel engine.
Also, there seems to be an Ultima type 5 or 6 speed transmission just behind the engine. has an excellent forum that covers this bike and many other conversions.
Latest info says RoverTheTop has one like this in progress...... bet his turns out to be a beauty!.
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